Complete Bloom Plugin Tutorial: Create Beautiful Email Optin Forms in WordPress Divi Site

In this video I will show you how you can create beautiful optin forms in WordPress using the Bloom plugin. Download the Bloom plugin here:

Bloom can be used on any popular email marketing service, I used MailChimp in this video. Sign Up for MailChimp free email marketing here:

01:26 Getting the bloom plugin
02:02 Downloading the bloom plugin
02:46 Installing the bloom plugin in WordPress
03:37 Creating your first optin form in bloom
04:41 Getting the MailChimp API key and link with bloom
09:12 Creating a sidebar optin form with bloom
12:00 Creating an after post optin in bloom
13:41 Disabling the annoying pop up optin
14:56 Making a right corner fly-in optin form in bloom
16:49 Adding the inline optin form within the blog post
19:08 Adding an optin form with locked content with bloom
23:25 Designing the bloom optin forms
29:28 Additional display options of bloom optin forms
32:34 Final words

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