How To Make A FREE WordPress Website For Business – 2016

Learn How to make a free and fun WordPress website for your business. I show you each step on how you can start your own website for your business or partners.

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Also, I show you how can install WordPress and make a fun and free website!

Step-1: Domain, Hosting, and WordPress Installation
By watching this tutorial, you will get a clear understanding on how to start a website from scratch and not pay anyone else to do it. Here you will learn how to buy your domain, get hosting, and installing WordPress within your Cpanel so you can start your website Creation. Now you can start any site you want!

Step 2: Website Creation and Design.
The tutorial provides each step on how to effectively create your website and add in features like sliders and posts. Also, How to create a Landing Page. In addition, it shows you how to set featured images and add images to your website. I provide tips on where to get HD images for your site!