How To Setup A WordPress Site On Bluehost – My Bluehost Website Tutorial

Step-By-Step guide to setup a WordPress site on Bluehost. This Bluehost Website tutorial is the first video in a series to make your own wordpress site.

Get BlueHost:

It is exceptionally easy for a beginner to setup a wordpress site on bluehost hosting services.

Bluehost websites are so easy to setup because of the one-click install feature for wordpress that Bluehost offers.

There are many benefits to setting up a wordpress site on Bluehost such as enhanced website speed, greater site security, instant script installs, easy navigation, cheap hosting packages, easy site file management, high quality website analytics, as well as free autoresponder email software.

Once you learn how to set up a website on Bluehost you’ll be able to do it again much faster!

This is good news since the basic hosting package Bluehost offers, allows you to create multiple add-on domains.

I hope you find this Bluehost website tutorial helpful! For the next step of the process (installing wordpress) check out the video that is linked in the video as well as the link below.