WordPress Tutorial: How To Change Admin Password

Step-by-step How To Change Admin Password

1. Change your admin passwords

It is not uncommon for a WordPress site to have multiple admin accounts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, so don’t worry.

However, each username and password is an opportunity for a hacker.

This is why you should change the passwords for each admin on a fairly regular basis. My recommendation is to do this quarterly at a minimum.

How do you change the WordPress Admin Passwords?

Step 1: Log into WordPress with a user that has Administrator access.
Step 2: Click on Users
Step 3: Click on Administrator
This just allows you to only see the admin users.

Step 4: Click on Edit under a user
Step 5: Scroll down and click on Generate Password
Step 6: Create new password
Step 7: Write down new password
Step 8: Scroll down and click on “Update User”
Step 9: Repeat process for all Admin Users.

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